Rachel's Story

Rachel Stockard is a birth doula serving the Middle Tennessee area. Her goal is to provide continuous support and care for the laboring woman and her partner and to facilitate the birthing environment that the family desires. With two birth stories- each uniquely different- of her own, Rachel knows the incredible value every moment of a woman’s labor and birth have in developing a loving relationship between a mother and her baby.

After giving birth to her first child in the hospital and realizing the great lack of support and knowledge she had in the process, Rachel became passionate about birth & breastfeeding education. She read books, watched documentaries, and perused through birth stories like it was her job. Having prepared and educated herself, she made it a priority to have a doula present for her second birth, a home birth. Having the support of a doula was an absolute game changer and Rachel realized that birth can be a peaceful experience. After the birth of her second baby, she began her birth doula training with Birth Arts International, which she completed in Fall 2015. She has been attending births since and had her second home birth in December 2016.

 Having received prenatal care in a general hospital setting, birth center, & under the care of a midwife, Rachel has seen the full spectrum of maternity care and seeks to provide unbiased support for women, regardless of their birth wishes. As a doula, she seeks to inform you about the range of choices and provide information on all steps of pregnancy, birth & beyond. 

Rachel lives in Nashville with her husband and three children. In her massive amounts of free time, she enjoys painting, crafting, gardening, and cooking.